Three Twigs Pastries



Baked Donuts: $2.00-$3.00 —> special order by the dozen $18.00-$30.00

—> walk in by the dozen- $24.00

Large and/or Specialty Cookie: $2.00 --> by the dozen $18.00

Standard Small Cookie: $1.50 --> by the dozen $12.00 **special order only

Cookie Sammie: $3.50 --> by the 1/2 dozen $18

Large Muffins: $3.50 --> by the 1/2 dozen $18.00 - full dozen $30

Large Scone: $4.00 --> 1/2 dozen $21.00 — full dozen $38.00

Cake by the Slice: $3.00-$4.00

Cupcakes: $3.50 --> by the 1/2 dozen $18 --> full dozen $30

PopTarts: $4.50 —> by the 1/2 dozen $27

LARGE Cinnamon Rolls (weekends ONLY): $4.00

There are a variety of sweets available on a daily basis to our walk-in customers with traditional or alternative diets (allergy friendly). Please feel free to call ahead to make sure we have what you’re looking for in stock. Our bakery case pastries are available daily on a first come-first serve basis.

Please note that we may not always have every single item listed below in the bakery case every day. We may also randomly feature items that are not listed below. We love giving our bakers the free will to be creative and make what inspires them./what’s in season and readily available to us that day.

If you’re wanting more than 1/2 dozen of certain items from our bake case, we recommend calling ahead or emailing us at with at least 48 hours notice. Please refer to the list below of items potentially available.

We feature a new seasonal menu that we switch out the flavors on the first week of every month. If you’re looking for something that we don’t currently have on the seasonal menu, please head over to our Special Orders page. Please note that we require two weeks notice, however, we do tend to book up very quickly.


Allergy Friendly Items:

All of these items are free of gluten, dairy, eggs, & nuts (vegan)

**DISCLAIMER:: all pastries are baked in the same kitchen. Though we do our best to not cross-contaminate, we can not 100% GUARANTEE no cross contamination.

Muffin: $4.00 --> by the 1/2 dozen $21.00

Donut: $3.50 --> by the 1/2 dozen $18.00

Bundt Cake: $4.50—> by the 1/2 dozen $24.00

Cupcake: $4.50 --> by the dozen $42.00 **NOT A DAILY ITEM! TYPICALLY REQUIRES SPECIAL ORDER!