Special Orders

There are a variety of sweets available daily at our main location on Toronto Road. To be sure we have what you need for your special event, we encourage you to place an order as soon as possible. We require 48 hours notice on orders for bakery case items that we have on our monthly menu.  We do require a two weeks notice for special orders like cakes, cupcakes, and special flavored items. **we do not offer “themed” cakes or cupcakes. We also do not use any artificial colors or flavors. If you’re wanting a certain color for your cake or cupcakes, we recommend choosing a certain flavor that would best “show off” that color. For example, if you want pink frosting, choose strawberry or raspberry for your flavor!

Cake Menu

Prices depend on flavors, sizes, and dietary needs. We do not offer themed or designed cakes. We focus on quality of ingredients and flavor. We can add a personal phrase on the cake with one color for no extra cost. For more info on cake flavors, please check out our flavor menu below.

Looking for wedding information? Check out our wedding page and let us know what we can do to help.

**All cakes are three layers + two layers of filling unless otherwise requested.

Add another layer- price depending on size

Cake prices listed below start at a simple chocolate and vanilla.

10” round: $70.00
Serves up to 36

6” round: $30.00
Serves up to 12

8” round: $50.00
Serves up to 24

NOW OFFERING: 4” rounds: $15.00 - serves up to 6

We offer gluten friendly, vegan, and other allergy friendly options upon request for a higher price. The additional cost on dietary needs is simply based on higher ingredient cost. Thank you for your understanding.

Gluten & Egg Friendly (no eggs or gluten): additional $5.00-$10.00

All Allergy Friendly (no eggs, gluten, or dairy): additional $10-$15

We currently do not provide fresh flowers for cakes, however, if you provide the flowers for us, we will decorate your cake at no extra cost. We are looking to be able to provide edible flowers very soon!

Cake specials

$5.00 additional fee unless otherwise specified.

Posie’s Lemon Cake: Lemon rosemary olive oil cake, layered with lemon buttercream.

Exodus: Brown sugar cinnamon cake, layered with cinnamon honey buttercream, a white chocolate ganache drip, and topped with cinnamon sugar donuts. **$8.00 additional fee

Cookie Dough Cake: Brown butter chocolate chip cake, layered with edible chocolate chip cookie dough, with a chocolate ganache drip, and topped with more edible cookie dough

Mea’s Cake: Vanilla cake, layered with blackberry jam and vanilla buttercream, and topped with fresh blackberries.

TTBakery’s Pineapple Upside Down: Brown sugared pineapple upside down cake, layered with spiced whipped cream, and topped with rum caramel.

Strawberry Fields Forever: Buttermilk cake with fresh strawberries folded in, layers of strawberry buttercream, topped with a crown of fresh strawberries.

TTBakery’s German Chocolate: Chocolate cake, layered with our version of German chocolate frosting, topped with toasted coconut and spiced pecans.

Lanie’s Cake: Chocolate cake, layered with fluffy raspberry cream cheese frosting, with a raspberry drip, and topped with fresh raspberries and more chocolate.

Birthday: Vanilla sprinkle cake with vanilla buttercream and covered in colorful plant based sprinkles. **Add buttercream rainbows for $15.00

SURPRISE ME!: List out 5-10 of your favorite flavors and/or desserts and we’ll come up with a special cake just for you! **5.00-$10.00 additional charge (varies on each individuals favorites.)

**Top your cake with donuts (standard or mini) for an additional $8.00 charge.

Flavors List

Cake Flavors List
· Vanilla
· Chocolate
· Peanut Butter
· White Chocolate
· Spiced
· Brown Sugar
· Brown Butter
· Lemon (with or without poppy seeds)
· Citrus

-Pumpkin spice
· Vanilla Sprinkle
· Banana
· Toasted Coconut
· Apple
· Carrot
· Chocolate Chip
· Vanilla berry (one or them all!)
· Almond butter
**Pair any flavor with a fresh herb (rosemary, basil, thyme, etc)

Frosting Flavor List (buttercream or cream cheese)
· Vanilla
· Chocolate
· White Chocolate
· Peanut Butter
· Cinnamon Honey
· Lemon
· Citrus
· Warm Spiced
· Strawberry
· Blueberry
· Blackberry
· Raspberry
· Edible Cookie Dough
· Graham Cracker
· Marshmallow Fluff
· Whipped Ganache
· Mocha
· Caramel
· Mint chocolate chip


Cupcake Menu

For special cupcake orders (other than what we have on the current menu at the shop), we require a two week minimum notice. We also require a 1/2 dozen per flavor to be purchased.

1/2 dozen: $18 (basic chocolate + vanilla: $15)
Full Dozen: $30 (basic chocolate + vanilla: 24)
Mini Cupcakes: $15 per dozen (basic chocolate + vanilla: $12)
**minimum order of 1 dozen per flavor for minis

All allergy friendly

(no eggs, gluten, or dairy)

1/2 dozen: $24
Full Dozen: $42

Gluten & egg Friendly

(no gluten or eggs)

1/2 dozen: $19.50
Full dozen: $36

Cupcake specials

Chocolate Coffee Toffee: Chocolate cupcake with toffee pieces and RedBud coffee + chocolate buttercream, topped with toffee pieces and a RedBud coffee bean.

Sounds like Summer: Lemon poppyseed cake topped with strawberry buttercream, poppy seeds, and a fresh strawberry.

Caramel Corn Cheesecake: Brown sugar butter cake, topped with salted caramel cheesecake frosting, and caramel corn.

Tim is Bananas: Banana nut cupcake topped with blueberry buttercream and fresh blueberries

Emm’s Pick: Brown sugar streusel cake topped with maple buttercream and spiced candied bacon

S’Mores: Graham Cracker Cake topped with toasted house-made marshmallow fluff, chocolate ganache, and graham cracker crumbs

**Top your cupcake with a mini donut for an additional $0.50 per cupcakes (flavor of your choice!)

Place Your Order

If you’re ready to order or have more questions, please send us an email to threetwigsbakery@gmail.com. Please wait for email response confirming that your order has been placed. Allow up to 48 hours response time. Special cake + cupcake orders must be placed with minimum two weeks (14 day) notice. Thank you so much!

FILLINGS (additional charges may apply): curds, puddings, jams, fresh fruits, cream cheese mouses, and ganaches of your choice.