Our space is available any day of the week, after bakery hours, for any special event.

We currently close every day at 1:30PM and recommend giving us at least 30 minutes to clean up the space for you. After that, the place is yours!

Bring your own decorations and move the tables and chairs however you’d like. You can even bring in your own food and drinks.

To rent our space, we require two weeks notice and the cost is $100 per hour. This includes bottomless amounts our house coffee, iced tea, water, and fresh squeezed lemonade. Other than personally brought items, we also provide clean up at the end of your party.

With a 15 person minimum, we can also be “open” just for your guests and provide any of our espresso drinks and sandwiches/toasts menu at cost. It would be up to you on whether you would like to personally pay the bill at the end (with card on tab) or have your guests pay.

We can also provide any special ordered items and/or bakery case items at traditional cost.

Please email us at threetwigsbakery@gmail.com for any additional questions.